Spiritual War in the Mind

* Do all things possible to win your mental war, for “The Mind is its own place and in itself can make a Heaven out of this Hell, or Hell of the thoughts from Heaven”.

* The mental plane will be the site of the last and greatest battle for each individual.

* And the greatest foe within your mind will be the Shadows of Fear.

* When one gives one’s will to the (God), all fear dissipates. One is free. The Shadows of Fear and its Doom dissipate as dew does with the warm rays of the nascent Sun.

* But do not be fooled into rumination, for trying to analyse the (Spiritual War) with the physical mind is futile. Just trust and obey, for obedience is the Mother of Success and Discipline its virtuous wife.

* Even as you battle daily for spiritual survival against the overwhelming odds of the Evil Empire, ever present physical mind Doubt is one of (God’s children’s) greatest hurdles.

* See Doubt always when it occurs as an implanted, destructive tool of Evil which has but one aim – to destroy your mind!

* Without war there would be no need for warriors. Always be ready, always be in war mode for we are indeed in the midst of a very violent (Spiritual War) which shall soon end.