The whole physical dimension has been overrun by an evil Usurper. All has been under its control and that its main aim has been the exploitation of True Beings, in order to extract energy from them. It is obvious that Evil would cause the maximum suffering for maximal energy exploitation from maximal numbers.

This immediately corrects a profound fallacy, which has been propagated by some distorted religious philosophies and that is that suffering is for the good of the spiritual being and that it would lead to a “higher reward in a heavenly abode”.

This is nonsense. This explanation of the value of suffering given by the false philosophies is a fallacious one to trap us into thinking that suffering is worthwhile, to program beings into accepting all the suffering and make it appear a consequence of a Divine order.

Many have come to the realization, in their own way that suffering is an evil burden. Somerset Maugham said “It is not true that suffering ennobles the character; happiness does that sometimes, but suffering, for the most part, makes men (and women) petty and vindictive”.

Suffering is due directly to Evil, to the War of Essences, to programming and pollution of True Beings.

Having read thus far and being aware of negative energy, you will realize that all suffering is a consequence of having accepted negative energy which has been produced by the evil usurper.

Suffering was never part of the Divine creation.  It was never planned as part of the experiences of the Divine Beings.

Suffering caused by accident, injury, disease, degeneration, emotional exploitation and the fear of many things including physical death, are the direct result of the evil takeover and the evil energy that has been produced since the takeover.

Suffering by the True Beings does nothing to improve their lot, nor does it help the Divine.

In fact, if suffering is allowed to exploit the beings, it causes energy drainage and has a massively deleterious effect, for they lose their awareness and Divine potential, as we explained above. So the more they suffer, as a consequence of exercising their Freewill and accepting the evil energy via various agents of programming and pollution, the more are the True Beings trapped and exploited.

All appear to suffer equally on this plane. That is, adverse circumstances affect everyone indiscriminately it appears, with accidents, disease, injury, war, pollution and degeneration touching all. All are subjected to physical death. All levels of consciousness which manifest in the physical plane are subjected to these mechanisms which cause suffering.

But look behind the illusion. The targets for the suffering are the True Beings. They are the ones who can yield energy that can be re-used by the evil usurper who created the mock beings (robots and demons). There is no energy to extract from them for it has spent its own energy in creating them. They are used merely to set the scene and to allow entrapment of, and suffering in, the True Beings.

This may be difficult to accept, but it is true. The mock beings appear to suffer emotionally in all the consequences of living in this dimension. However, they do not yield any energy and they are used merely to make the dimension appear normal in this way, making it appear that all need to suffer, that no one should question this degree of suffering we undergo. They lose no internal energy. They are programmed to accept suffering and its consequences. They appear to cope better in conditions of suffering, humiliation, injustice and emotional exploitation because they have been programmed to appear that way.

Make no mistake about it, it is the True Beings who are the targets for the suffering and emotional exploitation. It is they who are imposed with excessive amounts of unjust karmic retribution. It is they on whom the system pounces. It is they who are unjustly treated and trapped. The suffering goes on and on and would have continued in this way if the Rescuers had not made a valiant attempt to release the dimension from the evil usurper’s grasp.