Suffering Will Continue

You know that suffering will continue, for it is part of the process of Separation by which the Good will be extracted from the Bad. There is no easy way, and the physical with its emotions bears the pain and sorrow of apparent loss. But in real terms there is no loss, only gain for those of Light.
Remain resolute and bear your crosses well, and guard always against Evil’s mechanisms, so that when it is time, you will be evacuated with as little spiritual injury as possible. And remember, no matter how small your role may be, it must be important, otherwise you would not be here performing it. No one will remain one second longer than is necessary in this quagmire of putridness.

Try maximally to attain the Power of Detachment and be less affected by events, even as you are afflicted by them. From Detachment comes the Power to think clearly and correctly. Only then can one be of effective service. What good is an emotional wreck to anyone? Do you want to be like a wreck? Stand tall and firm against the tide of Evil, and with the
Gnostic Understanding rebut all attacks on your person and your mind, for you are a warrior and a winner. Beware in the midst of battle that in True Beings, because of evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, the physical mind gives every excuse under the sun why the Inner Nuclear Mind should not be contacted or believed. The best thing to do is to turn off the physical mind and fight for Liberation from Evil’s Darkness
and Ignorance.