Terminal Fragmentation

In a nutshell: This Physical Dimension ­ our Universe and all its sub-dimensions – are undergoing systematic, permanent obliteration in order to procure the release of those consciousnesses trapped within them who have been deemed “spiritually viable’ to continue elsewhere. You will need to read my books to know why some living beings are no longer viable in spiritual terms.

The Physical is an aberration, a temporary evil Illusion within a Virtual Reality that arose from what has been termed a “Celestial Error” which resulted in a War in the Heavens (realms outside of this one).

Some of us are children of God Consciousness trapped in the Error, some of us are children of the Error (which is Evil) and some, like me, have descended into this Error to:

· Trigger the awakening of trapped Viables in all levels of consciousness via direct and indirect communications on all levels ­ the Physical, Etheric, Astral and Spiritual;
· Nurture Viables, till the rescue occurs, with an Energy ­ the New Green Energy – that the non-Viables cannot use or contaminate;
· Facilitate the destruction of the Falsehood by bringing down certain energies from outside this Horror which will explode the Illusion and all its physical structures, and liquidate Matter;
· Arrange the Rescue of those who are to continue elsewhere.

This world is undergoing horrendous changes.

Fragmentation is being allowed to occur by the Superior Governing Force of Creation: the Light.

The Mechanisms of Fragmentation include:

· Programmed evil in humans and even lower Classes of Consciousness (the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms) which, for various reasons, will manifest evermore destructive behaviour;
· Evil manifested by superior evil Classes of Consciousnesses I have termed Demons, Archons, etc.; Most Alien visitors fall into this category;
· Natural Evil that results from the imperfections of this horrendous monstrosity called the Physical Dimension which was doomed from its inception. This explains fault lines, mad meteors, exploding Suns, etc.;
Even blind and naïve fools can see this fragmentation proceeding inexorably now, surely?..

Realize that the intended outcome of the fragmentation is total annihilation of not only this earth, but the entire Galaxy as I have explained in detail elsewhere. I will write soon how this is going to occur to our Galaxy as it has occurred to so many other Galaxies in this most foul and doomed Universe

If you remember at all times that the ultimate aim of the world changes is the rescue of Viable Consciousnesses from this Hell, and placement into something better (a non-physical dimension that is a lot, lot better as it is Evi-free) you will better tolerate the unavoidable suffering of the Evil-created body, in which we have all been imprisoned on this level, and its lower Monkey Mind, while the transition is occurring. If these concepts are foreign to you, I again suggest you read some of my books and the contents of my website.

We are at the point of the resolution of a War of Essences (Good vs Evil) in this Sector of Creation, specifically this Galaxy of the Physical Universe. Fragmentation and total annihilation into nothingness is the only possible outcome of this War in its end stages.

Of course, the Fragmentation is also a planned Process by which the Light is to be rid of Evil in all its forms. Hence, non-viable consciousnesses will be eliminated, as will be all manifestations of the physical dimensions, including all physical bodies and their minds…

You know well the mechanisms of the Terminal Fragmentation:

· Polluted air, including Chemtrails that give sinus and pulmonary problems as well as heavy metal toxicity and dementia;

· Ozone depletion;

· Virulent epidemics including AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, other laboratory-created pathogens and modified viruses, etc.

      ·       Polluted Foodstuffs ­ due to poor soil, noxious additives, GMO products, sprays, preservatives, etc.;

·       The evil-sponsored Eugenics Program which includes sterilizing vaccination of populations, murderous GMO foodstuffs, and other mechanisms to kill people physically. However, this is another story to do with Evil: the elimination of the useless eaters on the planet in order to allow its takeover by superior aliens and the hybrid species they have created. Now do you understand why so many humans were abducted and had their ova and sperm stolen?  This Eugenics Program, started by Zionists in Germany early last century, is doomed to fail as it will be overtaken by the total obliteration of the Galaxy in which we reside;

·       Fish laden with mercury, animals with diseases, e.g. chickens with Salmonella, cattle with synthetic Growth Hormone which is carcinogenic for humans, Mad Cow Disease, GMO fruits and vegetables which ‘accidentally’ contaminate the organically grown ones, etc.;

·       Polluted water ­ containing hormones, heavy metals, chemicals, antibiotics, etc., leading to sterilization of species as well as Humanity, diseases, dementia as per Fluoride, and so on;

·       Dying Seas. Scientific predictions are that all seas on Earth will be sterile within our lifetime of another 20-30 years. (The Light has planned that this Earth, this Solar System, this Galaxy will not last that long). I have previously published the date of the outermost date for liquidation of this earth into Cosmic Dust. It is 2035.

·       The Dying Sun ­ irregular radiation; lacks of certain spectral light waves leading to Vit. D deficiency, erratic germination of plants, pseudo-psychotic episodes in susceptible minds, etc.;

·       Radiation from Fukushima, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.;

·       HAARP and its man-made disasters;

·       Inimical non-Viables undergoing Terminal Madness and destroying everything they can get their hands on, including themselves, with the most vile use of pornography, emotional exploitation, drug induced demonic possession, etc., etc.;

·       Irrational spouses, relatives, parents, and children who cannot comprehend awakened ones who have higher spiritual knowledge, and don’t want them to know what they, the awakened ones, know!

·       Energy Vampires and polluting Demons whose numbers are forever increasing on this Earthly plane. The process of Body-Snatching by demons is real. The demons are forced to abandon their lairs because they are fragmenting too. This body-snatching process and demonic possession is assisted by use of neurotoxic agents such as Ice, Ecstasy, other opiate and amphetamine derivatives, Marijuana, Ayahuasca, sex with demons, etc., etc.;

·       Spiritual pollution from many sources, including marauding evil aliens, leading to personal damage, and/or Demonic possession of Centres of Consciousness.

·       Demonic activities which we cannot control such as the coming massive Nuclear War, and all the sporadic but deadly wars around the globe, incessant pornography which is masquerading s artistic liberalism even in primary schools;

·       Heavy-handed programming mechanisms to further destroy minds and bodies so people will comply with the dictates of the ruling evil archons. Hello Hollywood!;

·       Murderous mindless Drones and robotic killing machines which are a reality in all cities near you.

·       Exploitation by greedy governments, utilities, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, industries, builders, banks, etc., etc.;

As you well know, this list can be greatly expanded….

Warning: We live in an evil trap rule by and for demons. However, don’t judge who is who unless your spiritual vision has been fully restored. If you feel uneasy around someone, move away. But, as I just said, unless your psychic abilities are well developed, and you can unerringly see soulless robots and doomed demons by using your spiritual expertise, don’t assume those who irritate you are necessarily non-viable. They may be double agents…

None of us will be able to escape hardships in the next few years. It is best that we mentally prepare ourselves. See these disasters as necessary steps towards Spiritual Liberation. One cannot go to a Spiritual Realm unless the Physical Realm is left behind…

Nothing of True Spiritual Value will be lost. The physical is useless and valueless. It must disappear completely from the face of Creation for it is a product of Evil, and Evil can be likened to a spiritual cancer that must be totally excised and annihilated forever.

We know for a fact that:

· The World is going mad,
· Evil rulers and governments are planning really big, murderous wars,
· We, and all living things on the planet, are suffering from many unsavoury conditions,
· People are becoming irrational in a myriad of ways,
· Economically we are all being destabilized,
· There is no respect or politeness in societies any more,
· Heartless killers are doing as they please everywhere around the globe,

· There is diminishing Goodwill all over the globe,
· Amorality is the norm,
· Children are no longer safe from sexual predators, pornography, alien abductions, food poisoning, etc.,
· Our Sun is deteriorating as are other planets in our Solar System,
· Evil Aliens exist, for they abduct people, slaughter and mutilate both humans and animals; arm governments for wars, and so on…

Everything you need to get to the proper finishing line, and to the point of Rescue, will be provided by the NGE (New Green energy) with which you have been supplied.

The NGE is now being intermittently sent out in wave forms around this planet to be absorbed by viable consciousnesses in all the Classes of Consciousness 2-3 times a week, for certain vibrational rates affecting all of us have changed and a Finalizing Energy is being distributed more and more. This energy has a different colour and therefore differing properties and a differing vibrational rate. It is not an energy for ordinary Viables to accommodate or use. It is to produce decisive destructive effects on Evil’s physical matter which will eventually be reduced to Cosmic dust and then inert energy which will be returned to the Primordial Pool after its essence has been transmuted.