The Cardboard Box

Your body, which I call a Cardboard Box, in other words, a container for something, is limited in its function, capabilities, mentality and length of existence. For a moment accept the fact that incarnation exists. The reasons why it does are very important and part of the trap that has been sprung on us, but I have written about that at length in my books.

The Cardboard Box, the vessel, contains within it something that outlasts it. It is what is in the box that is important! That is the real you.  Once the box deteriorates and dies, as all containers must, the contents are liberated, and they recycle back onto this plane in a new or already existing box.
In other words, as far as this planet and all the planets in the Physical Dimension are concerned, we undergo this very unfair process of Re-incarnation into the physical boxes. In-between, most live in ethereal planes. Thus, you see, we are NOT just physical beings.
I stress again that the boxes are not who we are.  And yet, those unawakened see themselves as the box and nothing else. Science, a handmaiden of Evil, inspite of the work of Avatars to elevate this level to some semblance of Truth, has been much too happy to keep us in utter ignorance about these facts, and insists we are just the box and nothing else. But, that idiocy is being eroded by excellent work by more astute scientists.
Thus, over the millennia that we have existed as spiritual beings, we have been contained by many ‘boxes’, or physical expressions. The containers have not always been the developing ‘human’ boxes. Many consciousnesses have been placed in large animal bodies, in large birds, reptiles, such as snakes and crocodiles, in whales and other large mammals and fish.
Would it surprise you to know that many of the whales, dolphins, eagles, elephants, and larger mammals, including domesticated pets contain HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS? Many of noted the human characteristics and behavior of some of these species.
But, you should now know that the consciousness may not be from Earth. Many Class 4 human consciousnesses from other planets and solar systems are kidnapped and transported to this particularly evil, exploitative, belligerent planet as prisoners.
All physical bodies are Evil-created and Evil-serving. It is the consciousness within that is classified as Demonic, Robotic, Theomorphic, and Viable or non-Viable.
Once Viables realize the body is a trap for the spirit, they can’t wait to exit and return Home.  Demons instead, have a destructive, pathological Fear of Death, because they sub-consciously know they have to return to demonic realms where all inhabitants are mercilessly exploited. That is how the Evil Principle built them, and built those places, which were intended to exploit trapped Theomorphs.
A corollary of this status quo is that the body is NOT you and it is not yours! In other words, you do NOT own the body you are using. The Evil essence owns it.
·         For Theomorphs, the Physical Body, the Cardboard Box, is a prison. It prevents expression of the Divine contents. That is why Theomorphs were trapped in matter as I have explained in my books.
When Edgar Cayce transmitted these exact same words in trance, he, a Theomorph and Gnostic, at first had difficulty understanding the concept on his outer mind.  His trance transmissions were the basis for books written by his family and colleagues, and read by millions. But, how many knew the significance of what he said? ‘Very few indeed’, is the answer. Instead, the material he transmitted was perversely altered to destroy its true meaning. We have seen this often, have we not, with pristine work that reaches this level?
Thus in these books based on his transcriptions, the truth of the ‘true spirit being trapped in evil matter’ became ‘god expressing himself and letting the souls ‘he’ created trap themselves in murderous matter to experience physical life. What BS. What else would you expect from those who do not have the Gnostic Keys to the Greater Reality?
Under those circumstances, the ‘god’ that would do that entrapping would be a ghoul, a sadistic, malicious ‘god’ who was happy to see souls inexorably suffer life, after life after life, as they struggled to be free of Evil’s matter that attempted to destroy them.
Thus, you see, without the Gnostic Keys, knowledge becomes absurdity on this level, and the evil Demiurge, the creator of this Abomination, would have it no other way!