The Crack In The Dyke

I want to discuss the subject of whether an Awakening en masse is really happening and, if some sort of an Awakening is happening, I want to examine what the nature of that awakening is and whether there are more appropriate types of awakening.  There may be more than one ‘awakening’ as we shall see, for it means different things to different people, again demonstrated by what some believe and others hope for.

Initially, this essay may appear more philosophical and metaphysical than practical, but that is not necessarily so, as you shall see as you read on. There are very practical realizations we now need to make as we progress, hopefully, to a fulfilling awakening while the Earth and its failures rush headlong into an all-consuming, soul-destroying Endtime.
As people all around the world are becoming more and more agitated, and as more and more questions are being asked about the Status Quo of the Planet, we need to ask this of ourselves:  Are people really breaking the mental constraints by which they have been harnessed for so long by false knowledge and, while attaining a new valid realization of something spectacular, commencing on a Path to Enlightenment and Self-realization?
Or is it just a case of more and more becoming dissatisfied with their lot in life as conditions for physical existence deteriorate from factors they cannot completely identify, understand and/or control?
In other words, is the Awakening, that some are talking about, a true spiritual awakening with valid answers at the end of the tunnel? Or is it a pseudo-awakening of the masses that will again be herded from one false paradigm, which up until now has been an apparently working one, into another false paradigm that suits the leaders whom, in metaphysical terms, I have called Archons?
People are beginning to awaken to the True Reality of life on Earth, or are they? At this stage, I don’t think so, not the majority anyway.
Into the common culture are entering, from many directions, the thoughts that the quality of life is not as it should be. Specifically, you will see short essays in alternate magazines and clips on YouTube decreeing the deteriorating conditions.  But they all end in the same way, with the same catch-cry:
 ‘Things are bad and getting worse.’ And they give these examples:
·         The sky and its pollution by Chemtrails;
·         The pollution of soil and water;
·         The overcrowding by insects, animals, humans;
·         The GM foodstuffs causing diseases and stress that kills;
·         The financial collapses we have had, and the prospect of more;
·         The increasing poverty in wealthy nations;
·         The control of medications by profiteers;
·         The dangers of vaccines;
·         The manipulation of the weather by HAARP, Chemtrails, microwave technology, etc.
·         The Illicit Wars for profit for the few’, etc., etc.
·         The deteriorating quality of life even while our physical bodies are alive for longer;
·         Inexplicable Mental fragmentation, leading to dementia and spontaneous, pathological rage, conditions I have labelled Terminal Madness of the Endtime.
And so such articles and videos on YouTube go on, with more and more scaremongering without the slightest idea of what is going on, how or why these things are occurring, and what the endpoint of it all is going to be.  And what is their conclusion? Almost to a man, or woman, they end with this banal cliché: ‘We have to wake up and make things better if Humanity is to survive!’
They urge us all to be like King Canute and engage in futile attempts against this inexorable tide of change without specifying what to do, how to do it, why we should do it and without any understanding of the factors involved and of what is really going on..
Their thrust is for physical survival inspite of evidence that makes some people realize that the physical will not survive.  At the same time, a minority in the New age Movements, ignoring the destructive presence of Evil, and its effects in our lives, are attempting to create a wished-for Fairy-tale in which all will be well as we, in all our war-mongering, dishonesty and exploitative, murderous ways, become Divine and the moribund, fatally polluted Earth jumping an octave in the ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ and becoming a Paradise again. Ignoring the facts, it is obvious that they are simply deluded and will not face the Reality confronting us, as we shall see.
But, to truly awaken, we have to know the following:
·         What this Terminal tide of change is,
·         What its purpose is,
·         How is it really manifesting,
·         On what levels of existence and of our being it is manifesting,
·         Who is sponsoring it,
·         What its outcome will be, and
·         How we, the earth, the animals and all of Creations of which we are aware at present, will fare, not only in the process but also in the wash-up.  Answers to those queries will give us a Real Awakening.
What the above articles in magazines and YouTube say to me is this: ‘We, the mushrooms, spiritually blinded by numerous factors, have partial vision of deteriorating conditions.
‘But we have no idea of what is really going on and we have no insight into what is happening to any of us, why it is happening and what the valid solution to these problems is going to be.’  Those are the answers I wish to supply.
As we progress, there will be points of maximal importance that will be milestone and landmarks for a True Awakening. I will highlight them.
If any of you want to accuse me of arrogance in thinking I have valid answers from what I just wrote, when others appear to be floundering in incompleteness, I will simply remind you of my Motto and have these words for you: ‘Get lost. No one needs your idiocy. You are not reading to learn or to find the stimuli to awaken. By wanting to argue, you just want to waste time. Being thus, you are already a loser!’
If you truly want to know what I think, read on.  Although the general thrust is that of a mass awakening, you would be very surprised to know how few, in fact, are really in the awakening mode to the True Greater Reality at present.
Most are not in the enlightenment stages but rather, they are in a dissatisfied, rebellious mode, and that is also because of deteriorating conditions. They are not spiritually awakening at all. They are escaping from the mental harnesses that once held them tightly as obedient robots. There are reasons for that but as yet, they have no idea of those reasons.
As we go along we need to know what I mean by Robots, Archons, and other classifications such as Theomorphs and Demons, and what my understanding of enlightenment is.
We also need to understand how the mechanisms of harnessing emotions, and minds, occurs and why those mechanisms are breaking down.
Some people in society are beginning to go beyond what the Media tells them. They are starting to realize that most of the Media serves special interest groups whose function is to fool the masses and use them as cannon fodder when it suits the special interest groups and also use them as tax-paying, milking cows most of the time.
Without doubt, some people are starting to see the following points. I will expand on them a little in the hope that they will trigger further awakening in readers:  The Horror of Wars. Many are actually questioning whether these iniquitous wars are really necessary for their survival and freedoms as say the (lying) leaders (archons).
Some thinking people are suspecting, as we see with the investigations being carried concerning 9/11, that the leaders may not have told the absolute truth about certain thing. And the more they examine facts, they more they are coming to the conclusion that the leaders have lied about almost everything! Thus, they want to know why that is so. That is how the Awakening will commence in some. The crack in the dyke is now obvious. There is no stopping the cascade.
Even from a prosaic perspective, people are waking up to the fact that there is a limit to what personal satisfaction one can gain, no matter how callous, from the murder of men, women and children, always marked as collateral damage, in countries invaded in order to, as the Archon’s mendaciously say, protect one’s own safety back at home, which has never been truly threatened.
When the citizens see themselves growing poorer by the day; when they see their liberties restricted, and the standard of living disappearing, of course they will question the value to them of these murderous, never-ending wars that they are funding with their taxes. They see no positive outcome in their lives, no matter what the leaders try to say. Enough is enough!
The reality is that the Wars are to steal resources from those other countries and to release energy. The latter point is Metaphysical and I shall discuss it in detail later.
Again I repeat, citizens pay for such wars with their money and the lives of their children, grand-children, spouses, etc., but they never see a penny in profits. What they see are gloomy parades and monuments enumerating their dead and an accelerated rush to identify the next illusionary enemy that requires murdering.
What good does that do anyone, especially now that the doubt has been seeded in the minds of the Common Denominators (the tax-paying milking cows) that ‘Hey, perhaps the wars were not necessary in the first place’?  Thus, in essence, people caught up in these iniquities become morally and financially poorer.
No one gains from Evil but evil Ones. And such ill-gotten gains are very temporary and self-destructive as we shall all see soon enough!
Now we have looming the conflict with Iran that the Archons of the USA, spurred on by Israel, seem unable to defuse. See the article I posted below.
The reason why they seem Hell-bent on destroying Iran and themselves is all within the reason for an awakening to the mechanism affecting those bellicose minds. And to fully awaken we must understand and accept the inevitability of such dooming behaviour.
We are awakening to the Process of Demonic Self-destruction. The Archons-Demons-Beasts of an Evil Essence (the Sons and Daughters of the murderous Jehovah, the Hypocrites and Fornicators) are programmed to destroy themselves and all their evil progeny and illicit apparatus which includes the Physical Universe. If you want to argue with that, forget it. There is no arguing the point.
In this context Fornicators means the evil ones who enter the Cardboard Box of others with the explicit desire to steal/drain the energy of the ones invaded in order to power themselves up, even if it means the spiritual death of the ones invaded. More often than not, that leads to Demonic Possession before spiritual death. I shall expand on this topic in due course.  Of course if any of you want to know these topics in detail, you can read my books and not have to wait for my less detailed essays.
Returning to Wars and their sequelae, unfortunately, as most of us know, the wounded are not even properly cared for once they return. And they return in bad physical and mental states for many reasons, the death of innocents being not the least.
That mental anguish leads to madness, to Terminal Madness of the Endtime, a term I shall use again and again. And the immediate families are forced to share the anguish of their sorry state. It is not just he neglected combatants who suffer, but all around them and society in general. Thus, the whole nation is poorer for the evil experiences. No good can come from evil, for Evil begets Evil!