The End is Near

Be prepared at all times.  And as we quietly wait and prepare, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, it is obvious that we find the demonic energies of this world harder and harder to contend with as each day passes.  Most of us simply no longer want to be here. We want to go Home!

To the fully awakened, the energy in the voices of demons is extremely nauseating. Listening to politicians and other Archons on the radio or TV makes one want to vomit. That is because we are becoming more and more sensitive to the destructive negative energy they spread with their voices. Being awakened, we are becoming more and more cleansed, and vibrate in a higher energy register, in contrast to the coarseness of the demonic energy of the demonic world. The evil energy is increasing daily because the True Energy is diminishing daily.

No one is forcing you to listen to demons or associate unnecessarily with them. Turn the radio or TV off. Listen to the music of the Avatars instead: Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, etc.

Shun demons when you can. You should be able to spot them a mile away by now. You should be able to recognize them in movies, on TV, in the streets, at the Supermarket, in photos, etc., etc. This fulfills the prediction I made years ago that as time progresses towards the End, our psychic abilities would be restored and inter-dimensional barriers would be broken.

I said that near the End we would all know who is who!

I also said all people, both Viables and non-Viables, will come to the conclusion that Earth cannot continue this way and that an End must come.

As time progresses and conditions become more horrendous, you will find you will seek solitude, even away from friends and relatives who are more polluted then you.

Do not be concerned. Better to be alone than with unwanted, evil-infected company that will drain you.

You will also find your appetite for foods will change. Generally you will eat less, and you will want simple foods.

This is in contrast to demons who are forever seeking the goriest food that they can find. It seems they cannot get enough pollution.

Their cravings for animal flesh are growing.

Demons love big cities, they love crowds, and noise. In fact, they love any and every sort of pollution. They simply cannot get enough. And they usually panic with isolation and solitude.

As True Beings detach from the world, while still living in it, the failed robots and demons seem to want to grasp Materialism and all its temporary physical pleasures with ever-increasing fervor, as if somehow they subconsciously know they are about to lose everything, and are making a last ditch attempt to make believe it is not so.

Note that even computer programs can have a deleterious effect. Spend as little time as possible on the Internet.

Use your mobile phones minimally for their radiation waves can harm you too, not just physically but spiritually also, as most of you know.

Every day is a struggle, worse than the day before.

Many people, even relatives and friends that we thought were OK are turning out to be mindless robots and demons, and this tends to strain our emotional bodies.

But, be strong. Do not be blackmailed by emotional and familial bonds.

We can see the nefarious plots of the ruling Archons as they pick off nations, murder people, enslave minds and plan wholesale slaughter all over the globe while physically, emotionally and mentally enslaving what remains.

We find it hard to believe the robots cannot see these things, especially the robots in the countries being targeted for physical destruction

But, the majority is programmed to accept whatever the Archons tell them to think and do. The USA is the classical example. If anything, Australia is worse.

Rejoice; it is all but over.