The Essence of What’s Going On

I suggest that if you are timid or easily upset by descriptions of the ferocious Reality we are being forced to live in, you do not continue reading this essay. Rather, try to tap into your ‘soul” and ask for guidance in these horrendous times through which we are entrapped and ask yourself what the Endpoint of it all may be.

If you want the essence of what is happening, regardless of emotions being stirred, and brutal, illusional, evil Fear raising its ugly countenance in your life, more than ever before, read on.

FEAR is a programed illusion, for what is to be is to be, and there is no point worrying about the outcome of the situation we are now in.

Fear is programmed onto our Outer Mind. Yes, there is also an Inner Mind, and for explanations you will have to read my writings further.

Fear is programmed by the Essence of Darkness that controls this ungodly world (the Physical Universe) for the purpose of exploiting all of us and controlling us, but the real targets are the ones with Divine Energy within them. Again I ask that you read my books for details. You will find a list of my books on the first page of my website whose address is given below.

There can be no better example of this evil exploitation than the FEAR engendered in the lives of all of us, in every country on the globe, now especially in our American cousins, by the purposeful fragmentation and disorder orchestrated by ruling archons that do not have the best interest of the citizenry at heart. Three simple words will expose this feat as nothing else can: “The Eugenics Program”. In modern times, although it has been disguised as a moderate, humanistic, self-serving Plan called ‘Agenda 21’ the Eugenics Program essentially refers to the evil and selfish elimination of most of “Humanity” for nefarious, and certainly not benign, reasons.

But, there is a Divine Plan in action, and this Plan CANNOT fail! This I guarantee.

Even Blind Freddie and Dumb Debbie can now see something extremely dramatic and unprecedented is occurring in the world.

Our lives are affected by hitherto unimagined factors that spell DOOM for the Physical Component of our existence.

Those who can only conceive a Physical Component of their existence are, in essence, doomed and are going to be extremely distressed by what is taking place and what is to develop as we progress inexorably towards an Endpoint.

Those who know and see beyond the Physical Absurdity can easily bypass the temporary, programmed fear of physical annihilation and project into a welcomed Evil-free future.

 The challenge now, in the few short remaining years, is for every living creature on this globe to come to grips with its Physical Mortality.

In essence, we are all going to physically die very, very soon.

In the meantime, what does Hollywood do? It attempts to traumatize its audiences with its movies even more by forever exploiting the Fear of Death! This is the very opposite to what you should be doing, which is taking steps to destroy that evil-programmed and unreal Fear. Does this mean that Hollywood in essence is evil? You bet!!

It is a punitive Law of Physical Nature that all physical things must come to a physical end; Physical Immortality be damned. We were all going to die sooner or later. Physical Death is unavoidable. All of you reading this need to know that you have physically died many, many times before, here or else on other planets. Physical death is a physical reality, but conversely, a spiritual illusion!

But, this time there is going to be a mass extinction of EVERYTHING; the planet, the Galaxy in which Earth is in, and the whole Physical Universe. All these illicit structures are going to perish. To find out why I call them illicit, you will have to read a little more of my work, if you do not now know.

I have told you before we are living on a DEAD ROCK. The Consciousness of “Mother Earth” is gone. The planet has no aura. Those of you who are familiar with the dying process know that humans and animals, even plants, which are about to die lose their aura. Hence, we can see by this that although the physical body is still there, breathing and moving, without an aura we know its time, a matter of minutes, hours or days, is up.

Thus it is with the Earth. It has no Aura. The weakening magnetic fields are an indication of its demise. As the Earth is doomed physically, so are all physical things on it.

But, we are not just Physical Beings, and that is where the Hope, Joy and Bliss exist for some who are to continue. Alas, not all will spiritually survive the coming changes concluding in a Physical Endtime.

Most scientists now agree that we are undergoing some mass extinction event. They compare it to past episodes when the exact same thing seemed to have happened, and then regeneration took place, often with divergent species replacing those eliminated. But, I am here to tell you this is not a recycling of species. This time, as I said above, our physical home, the Earth, is also dead!

I shall go further and say, as I have said previously, that our Sun is all but dead. All the planets of the Solar System are dying; the whole Galaxy, in fact, is in its death throes.

This is all part of a process which commenced long ago for the elimination of ALL the Physical Universe which is a product of Evil. If, at this stage, you do not believe in Evil, you are a blind, ignorant, programmed idiot. More likely than not, you are of the Evil Essence, thus you are denying your own essence for truly immoral reasons. Just look at what other, more powerful and often Alien, Evil Ones are doing to your life, the lives of your family members, your friends, associates, country, etc., etc., and then tell me no Evil exists.

Faced with these indisputable facts, our Greatest Challenge, for all of us, on this very day, if we have not already done so, is to come to grips with our Physical Mortality.

In this day and age, you very well know we are being inundated with information, misinformation, propaganda and downright lies as never before. Connectivity is unprecedented. This is very much on purpose in order to confuse, frustrate, and further hide the Truth of the unfolding Greater Reality as well as spy on each and every one of us. The Evil Ones in control are failing miserably in their evil agendas. They are being exposed as never before and the Truth of what they are, what they planned, and what shall REALLY happen, shall win!

Beware Information Overload. Do not get caught in the detail of the Terminal Fragmentation, or in the minutiae that have no relevance or importance. The Devil is in the (spurious) detail.