The Gift of Nous

Of Nous, inner knowledge and realizations, when true knowing seems illogical to the agnostics.
Familiarity with my previous writings based on True Gnostic Knowledge will assist readers in understanding better the concepts I present here.
If one does not see Evil, the Evilness around us, its Virtual Reality which has created for us a bubble of destructive Illusion, and the fact that this level is ruled by Class 5 Demons, that are the result of a spurious, illicit and very temporary Creation, which is about to be dissolves, then one is not just blind but doomed!

That this is a Demonic world will become as clear as can be in the next 20 years or so, the end of which will terminate in the TOTAL eradication of the Physical and all those who have judged as being spiritually non-Viable.
One has attained the true vision when one sees oneself as an eternal spirit using a disposable, physical shell. Unless the Evil is seen, the chances of escaping from it are minimal.
Unless one realises one is being lied to by all so-called authorities whose role is to maintain the fraudulence, one will not seek the Truth.
Unless one sees Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which suppress the True Spirit, one will not take steps to cleanse, protect and fight against the destructive mechanisms involved.
Unless one sees the causes of our pain and suffering and misery, no action can or will be taken, by the individual, to expose the mechanisms which cause them.
Unless one recognizes the futility of lauding this Evil System in which so many lose hope and perish in the gloom of the false light, then one will not seek the Greater Reality.
Unless one recognizes the trauma suffered by the spirit, even if the body is appeased by the morphic somnambulism of this Hell, the danger will not be realised and one will not fight to survive.
Unless one ignites the Spark of Light within, sufficiently to burn a hole through the layers of obfuscating programming in the outer mind, and is alerted to the deceit, the chances of true, internal, spiritual awakening are minimal.
Pray daily that you will see not what your physical senses seek, but what is truly there, no matter how traumatising to your physical that may be. That is your only chance to survive this spiritual holocaust of evil Jehovah’s creation.