The Great Conspiracy

People react strongly to the word evil.  They think conspiracy theorist have gone too far.  But the truth is that they have not gone far enough.

“This whole world is rotten to its core.  This is deep and includes other dimensions.  Things are not fundamentally good with bad people running everything.  It is much worse.  Every institution, every country, is corrupt and oppressive.  Huge amounts of physical and spiritual toxins assault us daily.  The whole underlying agenda is to exploit.  This includes politics, religion, education, law and judicial, medicine, science and business.  They profit from our suffering.  Everything is pushing us to global unification.  It is all a spiritual cancer that is secretly stealing our connection to God.  Every effort is furiously aimed at keeping us from becoming spiritual beings.

The choice between good and evil is not as apparent or easy as it may seem.  Nothing is at it appears to be, everything has been turned upside down.  Most of our choices have already been made for us.  The conditioning that we are assaulted with has made us passive and apathetic.  There is so much confusion about the truth coming at us from all directions that it is difficult to sort it all out.  We cannot correct the problems of our country or this world, only shine our light on them and make an effort to not be robbed of our true spirituality and connection to God.  Every effort is being made by evil to trap us in this carnal physical life and keep us from recognizing our spirits and returning to where we belong with God.”*

*J. Jones