The Jesus Myth

More about the modern ‘Jesus Myth’, the successful con-trick and the creation of idiotic Jesus Freaks:
Even with the few facts I have revealed to you in Parts 1 and 2, you can begin to realize that a purposely Evil-created fantasy was presented to the somnambulant, trapped beings to anaesthetize them even further and make easily manipulated morons of them.

Modern day demons who are out to trap the unwary ask adherents to accept Jesus into their hearts. That is well and good. But then, they must acknowledge the concept of ‘their’ Jesus, the demonic fabrication, as being the ONLY way to salvation.
I have already explained there is NO need for salvation! You are either Divine, or you are not. Then other beliefs are tagged on which the adherents must believe. In other words, they must accept the whole package, regardless of what other sinister contents there may be. And they must stop thinking for themselves. That is where the danger lies.
Most of the stories about Jesus in the present Bible are fabrications to fool the masses. In particular, the ‘miracles’ that are fairy-tales and mind-tricks to grasp the attention of little children (or rather, mentally immature morons) are repetitions of stories in literature that were published long before the Bible was even put together, as I reveal in my books and somewhat in the Parts 1 and 2 of the Highways to Hell essays.
A clue to the malicious and pernicious intent of the ‘Jesus Myth’ that people are asked to subscribe to in this day and age, and which makes morons of the Born-Again Pseudo-Christian adherents, is the fervour with which those who are trying to entrap them separate their Jesus Cult from all other belief systems.
 Why should that be so? Can’t you see that is an entrapping mechanism?
 Truth is Truth and can exist in any mind, any language, and in any belief system. It can be expressed in any individual way one sees fit, as long as it is Truth. Look at the number of so-called Gnostic Sects as detailed in History books. They were basically saying the same thing. It is just that those who examined them from without were not Gnostic, had no Truth within, and those who wrote the History books were also without Nous and could not see the core of Truth within each sect.
 It is similar to the example of blind men describing an elephant.  Besides, did not Frederick Nietzsche say that language falsifies reality? The moment we try to express something in words, we seem to denigrate it. Is that not so? Often what we say does not convey clearly what we meant to say.
 When I connected to my Nous in 1984 and began writing the books I wrote, often would I have thoughts emanating from the Pool of the Numinous that I contacted but found I was unable to express them into words. It was simply impossible.
Also, many meditators receive information in the form of numerals and algebraic symbols which the mind often fails to translate into outer mind words. Have you experienced this? It is a valid communicative pathway, not understood by the morons and those of the Cultivated Ignorance.
The fact that the demons fooling people with the Jesus Myth insist on the ‘one and only’ for themselves is again a clear sign that what they are selling is spurious.
 Realize that if you have been trapped by a Religion it does not mean you are a bad person. It is just that you have been fooled and brainwashed.
 But you now have the chance to see the Light and escape the mental prison your Religion has created for you.
 Once you awaken, you can stop the process imposed upon you by the Religion that can lead to the assassination of your spirit due to excessive energy drainage.
 Those who see this world and their existence in it, as a wonderful life, are demons, or evil fools, or deluded and fooled Viables.  Once awakened, True Beings cannot wait to go Home to the True Creation.  They know this whole dimension is an energy-draining Hell, purposely created to destroy them, as it has many before us. This is not paranoia. This is a fact! Why do you think the whole dimension is going to be obliterated?