The Key; The Cosmic War

“Wisdom is in the presence of the one who has understanding.”
All branches of knowledge have certain facts, laws and principles which are Keys to the understanding of that knowledge. These facts, laws and principles allow one to unlock the secrets within the particular subject and make it easily comprehensible, logical and obvious once the subject is mastered. Without these key facts, laws and principles the subject remains incomprehensible, illogical and of little use. So it is in metaphysics.

Without certain facts which are laws and principles by which the subject is governed, the innumerable facts which one can discover and accumulate become worthless and confusing. Worse than that, they become tools for implantation of distortions and untruths so that one without the Key becomes lost in a sea of useless, untruthful information.
The single most important Key to the total understanding of metaphysical, esoteric philosophy, is this simple series of statements:
In this dimension there exist not one but TWO major creations, one of Divine origin and one of Evil origin. One is the genuine Divine creation. The other is an evil, destructive creation, not created by the Divine power but by a rebellious, destructive subordinate of the Divine Hierarchy. This subordinate demigod (called Yaldabaoth, Jehovah) created a parallel creation in the confined space of this Sector. This Evil creation exists, like the Divine creation, at all levels of consciousness and in all sub-dimensions within this dimension and has overrun the Divine creation. This dimension is one of many. The evil creation is oppressing the other and it has threatened the existence of the Divine creation in this area of space and time in which we now find ourselves. At all levels there has been a great battle between the two creations for survival and supremacy. They have waged a long, bitter WAR.
Remembering these simple facts will allow them to be used as a key for the understanding of all the knowledge referred to. Forget these facts and the science of metaphysics becomes an illogical, incomprehensible jumble of dissociated observations and assertions which become both meaningless and worthless. From our human awareness level, the above key can be used to explain all things. But first, let us examine the content of the key more closely.
THE KEY tells us that there are TWO CREATIONS even in the human race. These creations, as in all other levels of consciousness, have intermingled and although differences initially existed, these differences are now obscured and forgotten. The struggle for supremacy by the Evil creation over the trapped Divine creation has manifested in many ways and the result has been the mess in which we find ourselves today. The struggle has created a confused state. Changes due to the struggle have caused the loss of knowledge, confusion, suffering, pain, injury, decay, death and ungodliness. This plane has been run over by the evil, demonic creation, not in a nebulous, esoteric sense, but in very much a real, concrete, destructive way.
The majority of human bodies on this planet are inhabited by consciousnesses of an evil essence, which I call counterfeit consciousnesses, and by DEMONIC consciousnesses, not by Divinely created Consciousnesses. By demons, I mean consciousnesses created by this Evil, destructive demigod who rebelled against the Divine Hierarchy and who have not been created in “God’s” image! The counterfeit beings and demons make up approximately 75% of the population! The purpose for their creation was simply so that they could overrun the Divine creation. So you see, the total mess on this planet, as in many other planets in this Universe (which by the way is only one of many) is due to a super-imposition of an Evil creation over the original Divine one.
On this physical plane the evil creation appears to be in control. It appears to have the upper hand. And as it steadily made progress in the past, it brought about changes to the original creation and the trapped Divine Consciousnesses. And this benefitted the evil side. Some of these changes have caused the distortions in the account of the two creations recorded in ancient texts. Slowly, a censoring of material occurred and so today, we have virtually forgotten that the Divine Beings have been overrun by the demonic and Mock beings.