The Mechanism of Faith

What is faith? What allows beings to believe certain things which they cannot prove on the physical plane? How is it that some understand things beyond the physical senses, and express an inner knowing which allows them to be confident of, and have faith in, that which cannot be seen, touched, measured or demonstrated to others?

What is the mechanism and rationale behind faith? Why is it that some have infinite capacity for faith and others have very little or none? These are the questions I will answer in this chapter.

Only fools believe that which is non-existent. Only fools allow themselves to be caught in a world of unreality. But, True Beings are not fools!

Faith is based upon the INNER REALITY.

All True Beings recognize and acknowledge the Inner Reality. They recognize all aspects of the Truth, and in their Inner Being they have access to all aspects of the Truth. Faith is only needed at the outer mind level. There is no need for faith when one knows all, when one is aware of the True Reality and all its implications, interactions and consequences. When all is known, there is no need for faith.

Faith is a condition of the outer mind which expresses an acknowledgement of the reality which is not immediately remembered, recognized or used at that outer mind level. In other words, faith is the essence of a being functioning at the outer mind level when the inner reality and the truth (which have been recognized at the inner spiritual mind level) have been temporarily forgotten.

It is a mechanism which reminds the outer mind that the inner being knows far more than the outer mind can remember, express or understand. The greater the degree of faith, the less room is there for the evil programming and pollution to create the essences of doubt and scepticism. Where faith expresses, doubt and scepticism cannot. This is the reason why all the Masters Who have descended on to this plane and all the genuine spiritual philosophers, exhort us to have faith.

In expressing faith we minimize the manifestation of doubt and scepticism caused by evil programming and pollution, and indoctrination, and maximize the chance of bypassing the filtering mechanism of the physical body and remembering the true inner reality.

Beings who have faith in certain things such as:

  • the existence of evil,
  • the destructiveness of the evil system,
  • the presence of an invisible war, the consequences of which are very, very visible of course,
  • the presence of a rescuing Divine energy, and
  • the existence of a `Father’ Who will judge, punish the evil and reward the faithful,

base their faith on facts of reality which the inner being knows.

Faith is based on a very sound logical basis. It is based on the actual reality of that which exists. Because things on this plane have been distorted and obscured, the logical basis for belief in various things is not obvious. People who believe certain metaphysical and spiritual things believe them because they are facts, and not because they are things that they want to make up.

When certain facts are remembered or encountered at the outer mind level often confusion results and the being is not certain as to how much it should believe and how much credence should be placed on these facts.

This confusion and conflict are proportional to the amount of programming, pollution and indoctrination which have caused doubt and scepticism on the other mind and also can affect the degree of faith of the being. The more a being recognizes the facts of truth, and to be able to recognize them he must connect to his inner being, the greater his faith and the less the doubt and scepticism.

When some facts are met, they awaken a `knowingness’ within and beings have more and more faith that they are true. In other words, they are believed more and more because they awaken beings and mirror the truth within them. At other times, when faith is called for, to accept other facts which appear very foreign and disturbing, the inner being knows just how truthful such facts are, and the inner being will tell the outer mind whether they are to be believed or not. So it is that our inner mechanism can actually filter false facts and confirm facts of the true inner reality so that the basis of our faith is unshakeable and it will not be misplaced.

Beings who are totally programmed on the outer mind for full scepticism as discussed in a previous chapter, do not only express faithlessness, but they also actively attack those who do give themselves to this feature of the inner reality.

True Beings, as I have said, are not fools. They recognize reality and the facts of reality no matter how distorted the system that contains them is. Their being knows what is true and what is false, and that is why faith is created within them.

It is the distorted evil system which tries to destroy this faith by bombarding them with more and more programming, pollution, indoctrination, scepticism and doubt in order to destroy the connection to the inner reality and allow acceptance of that illusion which it has built and which is called Maya.

This is why all the Masters have stated that we live in an illusional world, that there is a reality beyond the senses, and that we must have faith that this is so. A time has almost been reached in this generation when it will no longer be necessary to have faith because the true reality will be exposed, as the illusion is destroyed.

Faith is a measure of the degree of expressed Divinity of a being. It is a measure of the success the beings has had in connecting to the inner being and remembering the reality within.

Fools do not have faith. Fools do not have the courage to express faith. Faith is an essence of true Divine beings that have courage to express the fact that they remember glimpses of the reality which the Evil System has tried so desperately to make them forget.

The greater the faith the being expresses, the more unshakeable is s/he by the doubts and scepticism of this evil system.

Conversely, the more s/he allows programming, pollution and indoctrination to affect his physical vehicles and mind, the less will his faith be, and the more will he become subject to the whims of the Evil System.

The inner being connecting to the outer mind, and also connected to other levels and dimension and to other helpers, guides, protectors, and other dimensional beings, can communicate information to the outer mind of the being in various ways. Clairvoyant mechanisms, tuition in times of astral travel, regression, rebirthing, and so on, are used.

The faith expressed at the outer mind level is the manifestation of such communication and the success of the being’s ability to unshackle his outer mind from the effects of programming, pollution, indoctrination, doubt and scepticism.

The more a being is aware of the Inner Reality, the greater his faith. This is true logically, for the faith will be proportional to the amount of the Inner Reality brought onto the outer mind.

The unaware person can have only `blind faith’, and really this is a misnomer for how can one blindly believe in anything one does not know? Only a fool would do this. Only a fool would have blind faith.

No, the faith of True Beings, the faith of the aware person, is an essence of expression on the outer physical mind of the knowledge of the Truth within.

The unaware person, or the person who expresses blind faith in anything, is really like a mindless robot. He can be pushed this way and that by anyone who cares to program his outer mind. He has really no logical basis for any faith. He is a mind ready to be taken over. This is not a faithful being, this in fact is a faithless being. He would switch allegiance to match the programming!

The non-Permanent Atom beings also know the truth of things. Their evil controlling demigod dictates how much they can recall. They also have faith in their inner reality, and can express this at the outer mind level. However, their inner reality is a programmed reality and not the absolute truth. Hence, the basis of their faith is false, and they can be programmed with any information that the evil demigod wishes, once they have given themselves over to him by use of their freewill.

Once awareness increases and connection to the true inner being is made more proficiently, the inner reality will be revealed more and more to the outer minds of beings on this plane. It is then that the logical firm basis for their faith will be revealed, and the more the truth of the inner reality is revealed, obviously, the less the faith needed. However, greater will be the confidence that they will express in having had that faith.

And so it is in the latter part of this generation as the massive changes occur to clear the planet as I have described, the faith of the True Beings who knew this information in their inner being will be rewarded with that confidence of having known the truth in times of darkness and evil attacks.

As the knowledge is exposed there will be no more need for faith by anyone, for the time for faith will have passed. Faith is only required when the truth and inner reality are hidden. It is faith that allows the True Beings to say “I believe such and such”, and they could add: “for within me I know that such and such is the truth. It is only the filtering mechanism of this physical body I am using which prevents me from knowing the details of that which is within me. However, because of this faith I know that this inner reality for me is the truth”.

And so it is that the True Beings will awaken more and more as they hear this information, and their faith will increase for this information and message will correlate with the `knowingness’ their inner truth and reality provide.

And as their faith grows their doubt and scepticism due to the programming, pollution and indoctrination, which they will bypass more and more, will decrease. And then as the things described come to pass their confidence will increase enormously. Their faith will be vindicated.

As more and more of the evil system will be destroyed the programming which has been used to block any beings, including the non-Permanent Atom beings, will be smashed, and even they will come to the realization of the true reality and truth previously hidden by the Maya. And even they will see that this information and message were correct.

However, on the outer mind level faithless and evil beings may not acknowledge the truth of what has been given. In their stubborn, programmed way many will defy the Divine to the very last, clinging on to their evil egos and denying the truth and inner reality which is exposed more and more even as the planet crumbles around their ears.

It is impossible to have faith in anything unless the truth of what is given is within the inner consciousness of the being. And so it is that those who express faith in the `Father’, His rescue, His Judgement, His ability to punish and reward, base their faith on the truth within them. They know that this is so.

(In reality, the ‘Father Energy’ does not punish anyone. It is the failed beings who punish themselves by rejecting the offer to come into the Light!)

Faith can be built up more and more by going into the realms of the inner being and contacting that information contained within, even if it is not adequately translated back on to the outer physical mind. This explains the confidence, the poise, the serenity and faith of people who practise meditation, and practise connection to their units of consciousness, to their guides, helpers and protectors.

In these episodes of connection they receive the encouragement, information, and the reminders of the Truth, and, of course, these express as the qualities I have mentioned and as a strengthening of the faith in the beings. The faith of aware beings and their confidence of an inner knowledge are so strong that they threaten the doubt and scepticism of the unaware. (Thus, you will find the faithless and failed individuals will have a loathing for you while at the same time they secretly fear that you may be correct in what you believe.)

This faith and inner knowing are powers which are beyond the comprehension of the outer mind. One need not delve deeply into metaphysical philosophy to confirm that this is so. Many beings who have received communication form other levels, realms and dimensions even on mundane matters such as literature, mathematics, physics, etc., knew this.

Beings such as Newton, Einstein and Edison had powers which consisted of inner poise, confidence, faith and knowledge because their inner beings knew of undisclosed information which was truthful information and which would be released in their own lifetimes. At the outer physical mind level this knowingness of truthful information merely expressed as faith in their abilities to be able to eventually manifest the information onto this plane.

The mechanism of their faith was this: the information was channelled to them from other levels, realms and dimensions where the reality of the information was unquestionable. And in their inner being it was also unquestionable. It was a matter then of merely allowing the outer mind to produce the faith and express this know reality, which on this level was still a part of the unreal.

(I have mentioned this previous: Friedrich August Kekulé dreamt of the structure of the benzene ring. Dr George Ritchie mentions the creation of structures and solutions to problems to be passed down to this level as ideas from the Astral. He does so in his book ‘Return from Tomorrow’ in which he describes his NDE and what he saw while out of the body.)

Profound metaphysical concepts are involved in the lives, discoveries and works of these men whom I have singled out as `ordinary’ examples. They too were aware of them. And yet how illogical science is, it does not even acknowledge the existence of most of the truth and reality of Metaphysics and Ontology, the mechanisms of which were used to create, develop and enhance science on this planet!!

In these volumes I have asked people to examine the information and discern for themselves the correctness of any information, to go within and see whether the information does harmonize with the awakened being within. Of course I’ve mentioned the safeguards that need to be taken, such as protection, bypassing programming and pollution, cleansing of chakras, proper diet and so on.

Beings will find that the faith produced by the correct information will be a measure of their degree of awakening. The knowing will come as a realization from within, as an awakening which cannot be described with words. They just know it is correct!

It will not communicate via the brain and outer mind, rather it will communicate as a `knowingness’ from the fourth chakra, for it is at the fourth chakra level, (the heart chakra), that the inner being communicates with the physical and subtle bodies. The heart chakra is the channel of communication of the inner being to the physical in Class 4 beings.

To express faith is to recognize the presence of the inner being, the inner reality, the inner truth and the awakening that has occurred in a being. It is a measure of progress on the spiritual path, not because others have given information, but because the being has recognized information from within and has built faith with which to express it.

Conversely, the expression of doubt and scepticism is a measure of the degree of disruption of any connection and loss of recognition of the inner being, inner reality, and inner truth.

Doubt and scepticism are a measure of the degree of unawareness of any being. The further along the path of spirituality and the more awakened, the less the doubt and scepticism does a being manifest, and the more faith and unshakeable conviction of the inner reality and truth will the being have and manifest.

Faith is the fundamental principle by which all True Beings exist in this evil, distorted system.

It is the expression of confidence in themselves, in the truth, in their heritage, in their Source and in their heavenly `Father’, Who is about to rescue them.

Doubt and scepticism are impositions onto the outer physical minds because of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Faith instead can only come from within the being. Anyone can be forced to have doubt and scepticism by being bombarded with programming and pollution and illogical arguments of the Evil System. However, no one can be forced to have faith, for faith comes from within the being, and it expresses from within outward.

Faith is a measure of the being’s knowledge, connection to the inner reality and truth, and degree of development of his awareness, whereas doubt and scepticism are a measure of his degree of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

As beings awaken more and more and connect to their true inner being they will bypass any distortion, programming and pollution which has caused misplaced faith in certain things to occur. They will quickly see those plots which are part of the illusion and the illogical basis of the spurious knowledge and information provided by this Evil System.

There is no way True Beings can be held back from discovering their true knowledge and truth and expressing the true faith which such a discovery brings. When such awakening occurs en masse the evil faithless beings will be no match for the Warriors of the Light, which the True Beings will become. Their faith will be so powerful and unshakeable that it will send shudders of defeat into the evil, usurping, energy-sucking mock beings. The illusion will have been destroyed forever.

Those who consciously astral travel know that they astral travel.

Those meditators who connect to other levels, realms and dimensions and to other consciousnesses know that these other levels, realms and dimensions and consciousnesses exist.

Those who channel information from other dimensions know that to they are communicating and channelling this information from outside this dimension.

Those who regress into past lives know that they have existed in the past lives they see.

Those who express psychic phenomenological manifestations, such as clairvoyance, etc., know that this mechanism is of their own natural abilities.

This knowing is the unshakeable basis for their faith. They do not have to believe in things that are unreal or untrue. Their faith is based on experiences of knowledge and facts, experiences which are just as real, and even more so, than experiences on this distorted, evil, physical plane. With these experiences and inner knowing they have all the faith they need and are unshakeable when targeted by the sceptics with their scorn and ridicule.

  • There is no other way to develop that faith except from the inner knowing.
  • There is no way that the faith of one can be transferred to another being.
  • There is no other way that faith can be explained except by the inner knowing.
  • There is no way in which the faithless beings can be given the faith produced by the inner knowing.

All those who profess lack of faith in any inner reality or knowledge of truth, as I said earlier, are either totally unawakened and fooled beings, or programmed liars. They are minions of the evil demigod and his system.

Some of the more difficult hurdles awakening beings have to overcome are the scorn, ridicule, hatefulness, derision and vindictiveness which the faithless evil ones have for the True Beings who express great faith in their inner knowledge and `Father’ energy. This is because these faithless, evil beings refuse to acknowledge the truth.

The certainty of the inner knowing of those who successfully connect with the true inner being and discover their nature, identity, mission, powers, Source and Divinity is also the quality which allows immense unshakeable faith to be expressed in their physical lives.

There is no way that such beings can be fooled by this distorted illusion of this system. And there is no way they can be convinced by the programming, pollution and indoctrination that what they experience within is not the true reality and the truth. The inner knowing gives them all the answers they need, and it expressed at the outer mind level as the faith which give them all the strength, determination and courage to valiantly wade through this filth, and assist in the war which is about to be resolved.

The faith produced by this inner knowing provides them with an armour and shield with which they are totally protected from the attacks of scorn, ridicule and humiliation thrown upon them by the unaware, the faithless, the evil beings and the robots of the Dark Side, and with which they can attack programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Be proud to express your faith which reflects your inner knowing, your certainty and your true identity. The more this faith is expressed, the more are the evil beings of Darkness repelled back into their demonic realms to await the fate which they deserve.

Just as doubt and scepticism are tools of the evil demigod, faith is the tool of the Divine beings, which is to be used until the time of liberation and total exposure and destruction of all Evil.