The Metaphysical Mind

In True Beings there are two minds:
1. The INNER MIND present in the Inner Divine Nucleus of Permanent Atoms, given to them by the Absolute Creator along with His Essence This mind is part of the mind of the Absolute. Depending on the combination of the 7 Essences, it has potential for unique expression, experience and personality. It has certain characteristics which cannot be erased.  It has awareness of the Absolute, of its creative power, potential, bliss and presence of the 7 Essences. It knows its source and has a blueprint.  It has permanence. It cannot be destroyed or interfered with except by the Absolute.  It has a Divine Heritage, the ability and right to return to the Absolute and be part of the Absolute.

2. The OUTER MIND is the mind present in the ORBITS around the nucleus of the Permanent Atom or about the shell of a non-Permanent Atom. This mind is the mind used in the various manifestations.  It functions as the physical mind.This one has different characteristics.  It is made from Primordial Energy.  It is changeable — it goes through 49 levels.  It is programmable by influences from the nucleus and/or from the environment. It is destructible, replaceable, malleable, divisible.

The higher the evolution, the less the importance of this outer mind. The better the connection to the Absolute, the more the Inner Mind controls how that True Being manifests and the more is the WILL of the Absolute followed.

When the outer mind is cut off from the influence of the Inner Mind by Evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, disharmony can occur. The Inner Divine Awareness is then lost. This is always the case in non-Permanent Atom Beings who have no Inner Divine Awareness.
When the outer mind is cut off from adverse influences outside it, in other words, when programming, pollution and indoctrination are minimized, it can be more harmonious with the Inner Mind and the Will of the Absolute.  It is only in this sector, affected by the Evil Essence, that external influences are evil. In the ideal system the outer mind is the expression of the Inner Divine Awareness.

It experiences an increase in awareness and collates data of its manifested experience to enrich the Inner Mind which has the potential for this.  
It is the outer mind that receives all the sensory input. It has to sift and classify the input and experience different stimuli. The Inner Mind is always at the highest level of awareness possible for an Atom in its class. As each level of awareness is graduated from, the experiences of the external mind are incorporated into those of the nuclear mind which ultimately reach the ABSOLUTE Consciousness when the evolution ends.
Because two minds exist, there can develop the situation therefore, where the two minds can express different things. Either can be the sole expressive mind. The outer mind becomes the physical mind of the body. If totally cut off from the Inner Mind, that mind may become programmed for total negativity. In reality, the Inner Mind may be the mind of a very High Spiritual Being (beyond a class 4 consciousness).
Therefore, in this system, a High Being can visit this universe, use a body created by the evil demigod and be totally cut off and unaware of his own True Identity IF he allows the connection to his Inner Mind to be blocked by excessive programming of the outer mind. True awareness can be totally stifled. This has occurred in the past, due to active traps set by evil. Usually, the Beings have had to be recalled.
Blockage of the Inner Mind in True Beings can be prevented by
1. Minimizing evil programming of the outer mind.
2. Protection of the mind with exercises, as explained later.
3. Purification and positive programming of the outer mind which allow connection.
Blocks of the outer mind can be totally bypassed with direct implantation at other levels, other dimensions, so that knowledge, direction, insight, are gained. Explosive instantaneous illumination by direct connection of the Inner Mind to the Supramental Consciousness can also occur. This may last milliseconds, but is enough to awaken the individual to his identity, entrapment, programming, source, duty, etc. In other words, he becomes aware of his Inner Mind and therefore, thereafter works towards the condition of totally actively bypassing the outer mind to allow expression of his true identity and for his true will to manifest. He can then function as a True Being.