The New Green Energy

It acts at all levels of consciousness, on every
unit no matter in which kingdom it may be,
and it does so, as you’d gather, expertly,
silently, effectively, unerringly.
Your concern now should not be what effects It
has on others seen in the world casually, or even
when the end point of all this will be really.
If you are truly wise, and aware of what is going on,
you will want to know how it affects your mind and
body, that is, mentally, physically and spiritually.
The New Green Energy is the newly-released
nourishment of the “Gods”, of which all must
partake, whether they want to or not.
And as each individual consciousness acquires it,
the Energy releases what each within has got.

If there is Love, Light and Honesty in your heart,
from Happiness you will never again part,
for the Energy will be a feast for you Divine,
and forevermore, spiritually you’ll be fine.
But if there within lurks Evil and its hatred, its
violence, its many lusts and animosity,
spiritually doomed shall you then be,
by your own evilness which you, to this Endpoint,
have harboured and camouflaged in gross dishonesty
and fraudulence, quite deceitfully.
Thus you see, no one but yourself have you fooled if
such is the case and you have lived nefariously,
as a hypocrite, in this world of Virtual Reality.
And the destruction you will suffer consequently
will be your own doing, well and truly.

Oh, so very often you were told to reject Evil and
animosity and all its essence which separates a
consciousness from the True Light invariably.
Now you know why – the self-destructiveness
of all who cling to Evil is a certainty.

Exposed are all beings with the New Green Energy;
those of Love in their full Glory;
those of Hate, of Evil, doomed forever in the
noxious, self-imposed gloom and misery.
And no matter how much these words are
rejected and no matter how vehemently,
all will be affected by the Energy,
forced to take their medicine entirely.
The Energy’s sweetness for Ones of Love is peerless
whereas from the deepest chambers of Dark hearts
by the Energy is released the doomed individual’s
self-cultivated misery and bitterness.
There is no other answer to this worldly mess.

If you still reject this information stated clearly,
you are very much part of the Problem I guess,
and will never know True Happiness,
as will Honest Ones whom this
New Green Energy does bless.

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