The Valley of the Shadow

Alas, we all share the same feelings as we see the putridness more and more clearly as each day passes.

The Illusion of the Virtual Reality works well, or so it seems for the unawakened and the robotic and demonic entities who are definitely the majority.

Superficially, there seems to be little wrong in our lives, or with the world, and the regular radio and TV broadcasts are, as always, banal and pointless in the true sense of what is going on.

Some idea of the fragmentation can be gained from the Alternate Media, but much of that also steers us towards false speedy solutions for what are seen to be man-made problems.

But, if you have awoken a little, you know that is not so.

There is a massive and fatal fragmentation occurring on all levels of our physical existence, and the rate of acceleration, to the point of total annihilation, is devastating.

Whether awakened to this or not, every individual is going to suffer the consequences of the fragmentation, physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally. The ultimate consequence, and the most significant one, will be the spiritual one, as I have described at length.

The difference is that those awakened will know why we are forced to run this evil gauntlet for the last time. Those unawakened will have no clue and will suffer all the more.

That is what preparation is all about.

Prepare for the suffering in all its forms.

Avoid suffering, if you can. But if you cannot, welcome its presence, for it signifies our pathway to ultimate Liberation in this Final Generation!

To bring the point home, here is a little anecdote of what happened to me in the 1980s as I was preparing to present the Message of Termination to the World.

As was the custom, a Being, known to me from a Higher Level, presented Itself for discussion one morning after Meditation and asked me how I thought people would fare as time approached the Endtime.

Without thinking, I said “The Viables’ will be delighted and happy that we will all be going Hone and will live their lives accordingly, happily and in good cheer!”

“Not so!” was the answer.

“Times will get tougher and tougher.

The physical shell will suffer more and more and the lower mind, unless it is strongly harnessed, will play tricks to make the physical shell suffer all the more.

Unavoidable will be the pain, the personal hunger, the suffering, the inevitable exploitations, the vast murderous famines that will kill humans and animals, the senseless cruelties of unending wars, financial collapse, radiation poisoning, rising seas, climate change, Earth changes, Comet strikes, injurious and  erratic Solar emanations, poisonous foods, and the unpredictable behaviour of mad ones as Terminal Madness will become the norm.

The mental anguish of seeing former ‘loved ones’ expose themselves in their true nature as carnivorous, rancid demons will be too much for many to bear.

You will be literally forced to walk through the deepest and most wretchedly Evil Valleys of Hell to reach the Ships for Evacuation.

Concentrate, with all your might, on that flame of Light within you, for near the End, that will be all that will separate you from the doomed, until Lift-off.”