The Wheel of Justice

Whenever I think of those who abused many,
including me,
Or took advantage, defamed, stole maliciously,
I cannot help but think how much
their troubles multiplied will be,
When the Truth of what I said,
and say, is plain to see.

For them, there will be no consolation
for the misery,
No benefits reaped from the mockery.
Terminal Madness of the Endtime
they will suffer triply.
First for rejecting the Light
and remaining evil continuously,
Secondly, for cowardly attacking the Light
and the likes of me,
And thirdly, for trying to profiteer from such evil
and ensnare the True Beings nefariously.
Thus, triple-doomed, cursed by their own evil curse,
No thought of mercy or pity for these villains nurse,
They are of Evil essence which could never be
In God’s Light, or of Love, or in Serenity.
For they are destructively pusillanimous
in the extreme, acting surreptitiously and cowardly.
They murder, lie, rape and steal constantly.
But, Justice, like the proverbial revolving wheel,
Will crush them fully with the weight
of the evils they committed voluntarily.
That of necessity according to the True Seat
of Justice is how their end must be.
And this, does the One on High decree!