Toward Fulfilling Your Purpose

*      The True Beings that remain on this level are not here to be nice guys. They are here to do a job which will result in the eradication of all Evil. You will recall that I revealed a mass exodus of True Consciousnesses occurred on November 1999.

*      This is a realm of maximal exploitation. Observe how animals become distraught and severely exploited of emotional energy when they are programmed by pheromones and other factors for sex. Humans hide this programming a little better but are just as exploited.

*      Evil does appear to be gaining strength and winning on this level. Dishonesty and hypocrisy are rampant. Why is that? It is because it is being allowed to expose itself, in preparation for self-destruction. Everyone must reach the conclusion that this earth cannot possibly continue this way. Of course the whole Universe is affected in this terminal decay. All students of Physics will understand when I say entropy will be allowed to win the day.
*      At some stage or other in our lives, we have all had problems with Ego. Why is that? It is because that is what the evil-created Ego was meant to do – cause problems so the individual would either exploit energy from others by egotistical behaviour and dominance, or else lose energy in the attempts of domination. Many systems in human affairs are based on Ego. Ego can be of institutions, of Nationality, of race, Religion, etc. And it is in the pursuit of satisfaction of Ego’s demands that many go bankrupt.
*      Just as the longest journey begins with a first step, so too does the individual’s Awakening Process begin with a first decision by its Will to awaken to the Truth.
*      Do you not think that the Evil System is against genuine Euthanasia because it limits its ability to exploit those who suffer greatly in the physical?
*      Again I repeat: We need to be patient! If you are abused, exploited, suppressed, oppressed, disadvantaged, marginalised, you need to find just a little more patience.
*      Your Inner Nous is like a Divinely implanted computer which gives you valuable and often essential information while you are on the trip of Physical Life, while you are running this gauntlet of Evil. Use it, use it often, and use it wisely. But in order to be able to access it accurately, you must cleanse and avoid as much as possible the factors of Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination I have enumerated often.
*      Cloning may appear to be a fascinating scientific triumph, but really, it has been done before, even on Earth. It caused great trouble in the Age of Atlantis when Human-Animal hybrids were used for slave labour and as sex objects. Hence the ancient dictum to “Keep the race pure”!
*      Nuclear fission is nothing new either, and the evil aliens who had programmed scientists in the 20th century to split the atom did it in their own planets which they eventually blew up. That is why they are here! And, given time, they will do exactly the same thing to this one. It is no coincidence that the majority were Zionists who developed the Atomic and Hydrogen bombs. It is the same Zionist (very evil) essence of the Reptilian aliens which did so before in the region of Orion from which they escaped and came to this area of creation. Remember again: I am using Zionist as an ontological adjective, not as a racial or religious one.
*      Circumcision: When did Jehovah become dissatisfied with the design of the Human body which “he” developed from plans to construct bodies which he stole? Is he not a malcontent as are all his tribe? The fact is there is no medical reason for circumcision. It causes pain, and such subjects feel more pain later in life. Do you not think it could be another means of Jehovah’s to cause suffering?
*      You suffer so much you think you can stand no more. Well, remember, it is at the extreme point that the tide turns. From the darkest hour the journey to Light begins.
*      How do we know the Correction is working? Look around you at the Mental, Physical, Emotional, Political, Religious, Financial, and Geographical fracturing and decay. What you observe is the death-dealing process to non-viable Evil!
*      Anger and sex with negatives drain energy. Use your energy instead to awaken fully, to prepare and purify maximally so that you can leave the evil world behind you as you proceed to Liberation.
*      How can one see the world as it really is? How can one perceive the True Reality when so much of our sight is purposely obscured by the illusional programming, pollution and indoctrination of this Virtual Reality created by the evil, usurping demigod to do just that? How can one know what has happened to reduce one’s existence to crassness in this abominable mess when this evil demigod has destroyed all the memory and records? To truly know, one must listen to the words of the Sons and Daughters of the True Light Who have descended with the True, Gnostic Knowledge from Higher Realms which the evil demiurge cannot contaminate. On listening to these words, accept them if they mirror the truth awakened in your own soul.
*      Have you ever wondered why people refer to “loved ones”? Who are the “unloved ones”? Why should there be “loved ones” and “unloved ones”? Is this really a homogeneous, Godly Kingdom of Justice, Love and Light, if such separation is the case?
*      As the changes for “Finality” occur, individuals from all walks of life will want to learn and know more, even if only to clear the evil-created Confusion from their increasingly-suffering minds. Cultism will be replaced by the Essential Essence of Gnosticism, for that is Reality; that is the only Truth!
*      So, what are the chances of the world ending soon? The answer must be “still there”. What are the chances of eradicating Evil? The answer is 100%!!!
*      You tell me! Is the world more like the cruel, exploitative one I have described, heading towards the conditions I have predicted, or is it a stable, warm, loving, and improving, cocoon of peace and tranquillity, which those who do not want to see the Truth claim it is?
*      It has been a race to awaken the “Viables”, in all classes of Consciousness (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human) and preparing to lift them out of this dimension before it self-destructs due to its accumulated negativity.
*      As I have said many times, the world will manifest greater violence and hysteria as its people suffer Terminal Madness. The Doubt and Confusion spawned by the Untruth in the face of the Evolving Gnostic Truth will cause Mental Fragmentation to accelerate. As it does, more anarchy will result. Its violence will lead to hysteria and despair which will lead to further violence and anarchy. Is that not what we have already seen in Rwanda, Indonesia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, etc., etc.? This madness will soon enough to involve Iran, Russia, India, Pakistan, China and the USA. Woe to the Kingdoms of Zion.
*      One of the questions the psychologist Carl Jung was asked by his psychic guide (which he called his Philemon, and which metaphysicians might call his astral guide) was this: “So, you think all your thoughts are your own, do you?”  Remember that most thoughts that flow into your head are not yours. They come from the Negative Thought Pool surrounding the planet. Thus, protect at all times, and cleanse often, especially night when retiring, and morning when you awaken, for the empty shell is easily programmed while the consciousness is away, as occurs often during sleep.
*      What is remarkable about the foundation of Modern Psychiatry, and to some degree Psychology, based on the work of Jung, and William James, is to see the extent of the distortion to which their works were subjected. Any spiritual and phenomenological component of their work has been eradicated lest any semblance of the Truth they stumbled upon might appear in these disciplines. However, even though Jung introduced modern society to many metaphysical ideas, he did so as a demon who led minds along many false paths. What else would you expect demons to do? And the second major worker of obfuscation Truth was that narcotics-addicted ontological Zionist, that really clear example of a spiritual fraud, none other than Sigmund Freud!!
*      Beings of Light are a team. We are never alone. However, always remember we are in the Demons’ territory and have to fight every inch of the way just to remain spiritually Viable; such is the concentration of the venom Evil spits at us continuously!
*      We all need help at some time or other. In the spiritual sense, the ability to ask for help is the ability to bypass the stupid and damaging lower Ego long enough to be able to humble ourselves before the Higher Consciousness and ask for what we think we need. It knows better of course and often will give us, not what we ask for but what It thinks we truly need to safely make our way out of this Hell.

As many of you know, I did most of my book writing before the turn of the century. But as you can see from the extracts I post, the points I have made, many of them before the 1990s are predictive and are just as valid today.  Many of the things I said would happen have come to pass.
We are even more fortunate today because, with the massive amount of data available to us through the internet, we can actually affirm changes to the Elements, Vegetation, Animals, Sea Life, Humans, the Earth, the Oceans, our Sun, to other Planets, and other Solar Systems, as well as whole Galaxies, that signify the advent of an imminent Endtime.