True Love

True respect is the basis of True Love in the True Creation. Respect and Love are complimentary, inseparable. If all respected one another, there would be no destructive interference of one by another in its progress to a higher spiritual plane. Evil would not then manifest.

Evil is the destructive interference of another’s progress. With respect, one would not steal or rape, ridicule or attack, punish, constrict or suppress. And yet these are the very things that occur in this evil world.

With respect, one would not be selfish, jealous, or prejudiced. One would love freely for one would recognise any other form of life as an aspect of a greater consciousness in which all belong. There would be no ego to separate and to create destructive differences. And this would hold true for each consciousness whether it be in the mineral, vegetable, animal, human or spiritual levels. But this is an evil system and even to exist we are forced to consume other beings. This should never have been so.

Even the plants we eat are disadvantaged in their progress by being eaten. They too suffer the fear of destruction. Correction of this Error cannot occur quickly enough.

If true respect existed, one would not be filled with fears of all kinds, for there would be no dangers to fear. Many are incapable of conceiving a world without fears. Such a world is too foreign to the fear-riddled existence on this plane.  Is such a thing not tragic?

Do not all True Beings dream of returning to a place of Goodness, Abundance, Joy, Happiness and Beauty? Do they not seek the True Abode where fear does not exist? Of course they do. And where did they obtain this concept of True Respect, of an existence without fear? They obtained it from their Inner Memory of the True Creation, for that is where they have come from, before being trapped here. And that is where they will return when liberated from this evil hell-hole.

To accept this abomination as an expression of True “Godly” Existence is to be disrespectful to the True, Divine, nurturing Essence.

This is a deceitful, exploitative, purposely- created hell in which True Beings have been entrapped simply so that they can be spiritually assassinated for the Divine energy they have within them. All semblance of True Respect has been totally destroyed in this soon-to-be-destroyed dimension of utter evil.

Unconditional Love cannot exist in a place such as this where there is no respect, for it would be subject to exploitation and abuse just like everything else that exists or is trapped in this evil dimension. And it would be turned into a tool of emotional entrapment and negativity. It would then be used to inflict suffering rather than to fill those who would wish to share such Love with all the Joy, Happiness, Wisdom and Total Freedom that True, Unconditional Love stands for.

Fear in this place is due to lack of respect, to lack of True Love. It has been purposely created to exploit one and all. Start your path back to Reality by respecting the Truth and the True Creation.

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