True Wisdom

Wisdom is Love of Truth and Understanding. True Wisdom comes from True Knowledge and True Love. Wisdom comes from loving the Divine, not from fearing a Ghoul like Jehovah as Proverbs 9:10 says: ‘The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom’.

Evil’s Wisdom comes from Fear and Ignorance. It would have it no other way.  Evil wants Ignorance, not this Gnostic Knowledge, the Ancient Wisdom, that I am sharing with you. Evil wants fools to remain fools and the unawakened Viables to remain asleep so that they can be exploited maximally.  Evil wants its Ignorance and Hate to continue forever. But they will not do so. The Evil Error is all but corrected.
Thus, seek the True Wisdom within you. Use all the tools at your disposal.  That is what these words are, tools to awaken your own Truth within.  Gain your Wisdom that is within you and it will give you Peace of Mind in this Time of Terror, as well as illuminate maximally your well-earned Path to Eternity.
You will have no doubt noted that these words have nothing to do with Religions or Dogmas. They are about the Power within you, and your inner Love and Wisdom, if you are Viable being of Light.
That small percentage of robots which were not Theomorphic but have been declared Viable will have this Power, Wisdom and Love, and other essences added to them. That is what I meant in the past when I said those robots deemed Viable would have modifications made to them to be able to live in the Light and be of Light.