Ubiquitous UFOs

Space craft have always existed as have many other dimensions before this physical dimension was precipitated from more ethereal dimensions. When this “zone” was non-physical, the consciousnesses known as the “Ancients” traversed this space on spacecrafts similar to the ones which are being seen now and are called “plasma crafts”.

Recordings of UFOs are found throughout history, even depicted in caves and on artifacts of all races and cultures. Many tribes, including the Aztecs and the Mayans of the Americas, and the Dogon of Africa, have had contact with the space people and the special knowledge they have supports their claims.
Many have recorded sightings in recent history and such logs as those of Christopher Columbus were hardly fraudulent attempts to fool humanity, about the existence of UFOs, 500 years into the future.
The question remains as to why so many are so violently opposed against those who want to believe in the existence of UFOs. For that answer, one has to delve a little into metaphysics and consider ontological natures, the programming to which various groups in human bodies respond, the roles they play on this level, and why they do not want the truth known.
In brief, there are many Demons and Robots whose function is to forcefully uphold the Illusion of this plane, the Virtual Reality, at all costs. But they have failed miserably.


The solid crafts seen around the world and which started crashing in our back yards since 1939 (the first one is reported to have crashed in Germany then) belong to the alien races which have hidden in and around the dimensions of this Earth.It appears that their navigational apparatus is badly affected by the crude radar-emissions in certain areas and that is why they have been “felled” out of the sky in the last 60 years or so. The crashes coincide precisely with the use of radar. Aliens who have pacts with various governments, have, in fact, asked radar installations to be switched off at various times.

A quick glance at the Web sites which deal with UFO spotting, shows that the frequency is too numerous to even count, even allowing for hoaxes which some cranks might want to keep playing.
Since pacts with the evil Reptilian aliens were made by the US government and the USSR, man-made flying saucers, built with technology gained from those pacts, use our skies. These crude ones are easily distinguished from genuine (evil) alien crafts, and from (non-evil) plasma crafts, the latter being here to rescue “viable consciousnesses”, and allow the destruction of the evil Reptilian Races and all their progeny, which includes over 75% of the counterfeit consciousnesses forming “humanity”.
It is obvious that the incidents of UFO spotting have greatly increased around the world. The aliens are no longer taking precautions to camouflage their activities, and this is due to the massive changes occurring around them and this world.  They too are suffering mental aberration which really falls into the category of the Terminal Madness of the Endtime.