Unsolved Anger

Each on this plane has suffered in countless ways, some more than others. Some have managed to resolve the negative emotions stimulated by the pain, suffering and misery they have been subjected to and witnessed, others have not. Many are so badly scarred, they are dysfunctional, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Many are wrecks, in the wings of life, being unable to cope any longer, terrified by thoughts of having to re-experience that which affected them severely.

Some, from torrid love affairs, and unfaithfulness, become hateful misogynists, even misanthropes. Many, of course, go on a destructive rampage against society, the system, religions, etc. Others appear less affected, but internally they hurt quite a lot. But what they are really doing is hurting themselves further.

Many are actual outlaws who are trapped and punished further eventually. The system is set up to emotionally exploit indiscriminately. Sure, the True Beings are the targets, but all live under the same conditions. To react, and become even more destructive, is to fall into an even greater trap, for that is what the system wants, for then it can punish more openly, and more severely, with apparent justification.

There are as many ways that people suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, as there are people. Many are traumatised in childhood, either being abused sexually by relatives and friends, etc., or bullied by peers and spiteful teachers at school, etc. One shudders to think how many young girls have been molested and raped by uncles, cousins, and others whom they trusted, how many others have been molested by religious figures from whom they sought counsel, etc.

Many of those doing the molesting, inciting suffering in minor and major ways, are demons placed there especially to do that. They do not see their victims in a personal way at all. The conditions are not unique. If it was not you they were taunting, it would be another. The personal aspect is very minor. They do sense True Beings however, and know these are more trusting, easier to fool, and they have more energy to be stolen. Hence, they seem to target such True Beings. The demons seem to be able to recognise each other more readily and are more wary of each other than True Beings are of them, but they still exploit other demons.

True Beings are built with a great degree of trust within them and the need to love, share, not judge, think the best of everyone, etc. This is because they are not evil. But these qualities in the evil societies of this evil realm are not valued. In fact, they are seen as weaknesses and exploited by the demons.

The fine qualities of the True Beings make them easy prey. They are more likely to listen to the spurious indoctrination of the demon-controlled religions, and attempt to love others, regardless of what they seem. They are the ones who try to turn the other cheek. They are the ones who try to be fair in business, etc.

The demons do not believe their own propaganda. They are hypocrites. When did the Catholic Church ever turn the other cheek or give its enemies a second chance? It raped, pillaged and burned without remorse. If you want more details, read my earlier book, “Death of an Evil God”.

True Beings have to learn the methods of evil, to act evilly, for evil is not in their nature. In every lifetime, because of the forgotten lessons of previous lives, the forgetfulness being due to the erosion of memory by the filtering mechanism of the physical body, the True Beings have to struggle to reach a point of awakening.

But almost without exception, they have all fallen into various traps which exploit them and make them suffer, before they reawaken. No doubt you, the reader, will have recognised the traps you have fallen into at this stage.

But all is not lost. It is now time to reassess the situation, in the light of revealed Gnostic knowledge, and see what can be done about it. You may have a great deal of frustration and anger within you which are as yet unresolved. These feelings can tether you to the past and prevent spiritual advancement and further fulfilment of your designated role. It will be as if you are trying to travel on a path with a burden beyond your capacity to carry. You will not get far. Hence, you, like every other True Being who has been affected deleteriously, must lighten your load. I do not know any True Being who has not been adversely affected. I do not know any person on earth who has not suffered.

True Beings who sell out to the system appear to escape somewhat, but they are really no longer True Beings. They are traitors and will be dealt with accordingly. It would be of little concern if they sold out and left others alone. But, in fact, they are used by the system to entrap other True Beings, and that is the tragedy of it all.

You have to examine your mind yourself and see what is there. What bothers you the most? In the quiet moments, what thoughts come to torment you? Often when your energy is low and you are least protected, the thoughts which have had the most exploitative effect on you, return.

They are always there in the background and are used to stir your emotions, to incite anger, guilt, frustration, remorse, feelings of unworthiness, etc., so that you will, once again, lose energy, or be motivated to act destructively against your partner, against those whom you want to blame for your problems, against society in general, against your religion, God, etc.

Ultimately, such motivation is to force you to self-destruct. In all of this you are the real target. These thoughts making you act this way are bullets with your name on them. They do not affect anyone else. They are dangerous.

Hence, do not entertain them. If it is in your power, destroy them by logic, by attacking them, by sublimating them, by sharing your problems, by asking for help, by praying, by calling upon Higher Consciousnesses for advice and assistance, by seeking out God’s advice directly.

You see, there are many ways to solve the problem. What you must not do is act destructively. Act constructively by all means. By this I mean that if you are in an exposed, exploitative situation, whether it be a personal relationship, business partnership, job, school, rental agreement, whatever, that is obviously detrimental to you in any number of ways, you should take steps to remove yourself from that situation. That is only common sense. But it is amazing how many people cannot do it.

They lack the courage to act, or else, they are blackmailed by little pleasures which in themselves are even more destructive and weaken the True Being further. You have to judge whether you are in such a situation.

This may appear remote and a little academic to some but it is of paramount importance to the physical well-being of an individual as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It is well documented that unresolved frustrations, anxiety, anger, depression, etc., can all lead to physical disease including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, even cancer.

With the Gnostic knowledge, and knowing what is going on in this realm, you should be able to resolve your inner emotions satisfactorily. It may be even more painful initially, for we all tend to suppress rather than resolve feelings which hurt us, but it must be done. It will be like pulling out barbs from the flesh, and until the wounds heal, they will smart. But that is a once only procedure.

It is better to do that than have the barbs always there in the flesh to fester at any time and to have demons come along and torture us by giving them a twist whenever the occasion for them to do so arises.

Left in place they are a constant source of exploitation and energy drainage. We are better off without them. We are healthier without them. One is not cured unless they are removed.  Inner emotional conflicts must be resolved for you to become an effective worker of the Light.