Victims Indeed We Were

We have all been subjected to the evil system’s trauma and exploitation. We have all been scarred by life in one way or another. We have all been victims of those whom the evil system could find to physically, mentally or emotionally abuse us.  

These vile instruments could have been posing as friends or as enemies. Often have they been parents, siblings, relatives, peers, priests, teachers, lovers, bosses, authoritarians, or whatever. Yes, indeed, we have all been grist for Evil’s mill. But for each of us there comes a time when we must let go of all those things which hurt us and take responsibility for our present condition and our progress along the path which we choose towards the Light. It is foolish to be caught in the Anger and destructive programming, pollution and indoctrination to which we had been subjected, for these will only make us point our lives backwards to those past experiences which traumatised us, in order, whether we want to admit it or not, to get even with those who did us harm. But realise that they may not even have had any idea they were traumatising us thus. They may have had, in their florid ignorance, the “best of intentions” for our welfare.

It is best to forget them, the mechanisms of exploitation which scarred us and the situations now long gone. We should celebrate our newly-found knowledge which allows us to see this is so, and look forward to the end of this vile system that could do such things to wonderful sparks of Light that we are, and wish to be, away from this sordid, noxious hell where justice and love are reduced by the ubiquitous tears and fears to something almost out of reach. But they are not, and this we will spiritually live to see.