What’s Going On?

A long time ago, this dimension was overrun by a minor subordinate of the Divine Hierarchy who then refused to obey the regulatory mechanisms of creation and opposed the established order.

 It actively contradicted the norm and manifested a destructive capability. This ability was called Evil.   It barricaded itself, created a physical dimension and resisted all attempts at rectification. A War of Essences ensued and finally, as far as this planet is concerned, the battle is to be resolved shortly with destruction of the physical planet, evacuation of all consciousness from it, sorting out of beings, placement of those to continue in a New Dimension and transmutation of those considered unfit to continue…

This dimension is overrun by an evil consciousness.  There are two creations (a Divine one and an evil one) in conflict. Not all beings are ontologically the same.  Resolution of a WAR of essences between them is about to take place.  The planet is too physically and spiritually polluted to continue. There WAS and IS an active conspiracy to prevent the Truth being known on this plane.  Connection to other levels of consciousness would occur en masse in these cycles.  The planet has been purposely isolated from communication with other planets and levels of consciousness.

In the first seven year cycle it was written that the following would occur:

a      changes in climate, for the worse,

b      exposure of all evil practices,

c      collapse of political frameworks,

d      escalation of conflict worldwide,

e      spread of AIDS and other diseases including new ones,

f      worldwide financial collapse,

g      worldwide awakening of the people, by various mechanisms, to the impending planetary destruction,

h      increasing droughts, calamities, poverty, starvation, etc.,

i      major continental destruction.

Most of these things have happened or are in the process of happening! All these were planned mechanisms to move consciousnesses out of the physical.

And the Clearing of the Planet involves animals, vegetation and mineral consciousnesses as well… The periodicity of the Final Plan is flexible to some extent. Massive geographical changes are scheduled and will certainly occur.