Who Are We?

We class ourselves as human, but,in reality, what does that mean?

What are we when true essence we glean?
To be thus, a multitude in a suffocating,
exploitative, suffering earth, bursting
with iniquities, poverty and gross injustices,
hassled, heckled, what does it mean?
Are we just biological shells, needing to sleep
after we feed, fornicate and in pain weep?
Or are we more than that, as minds
straining to find reality, descend
into ambiguous, troubling dreams varied, deep?
Are we but a chance occurrence of mixtures of
atoms and molecules, and compounds assorted,
which, becoming aware, dance for a
short time on the horizon of an uncaring
and fractured time circuitry?
Or are some of us, in fact, more than this,
being, as the True Gnostics would have it,
theomorphic consciousnesses trapped
in an evil parody maliciously?

Are we merely shells which cast shadows as we
dance to the tune of exploitative programming
which, for each moment of gladness,
extracts a toll with unwanted sadness?

Are we but bodies numbed by bruising
emotions which temporarily please
as we seek our pains and misery to ease,
knowing, but hiding the fact, that once
born, we sign the pact to also die
and hence, internally we hurt and cry?

We strut upon this Earth, this stage
of fools, not too well it seems,
for the one we fool most often,
and assiduously, is the self,
placing questions which haunt us,
as if unwanted, on a mental shelf,
as if they mean nought, as we try to conceal
from our clouded minds the very Reality
which shatters our existence by changes
that are of valid phenomenology
but which, even being repeatedly there,
we often fearfully ignore really.
So what are we, if not at all times,
these fools seeking blissful ignorance,
so-called, to avoid the conundrum of specific
identity and meaningful existentiality?
We are nought, but those very shells who,
having tasted of life’s pseudo-sweet pleasures,
its morphic trances and its sour pains,
move off the scene of a temporary Passing Parade
with no lasting, valuable, spiritual gains,
lest we awaken and connect to the
True Source of our Being,
the amber Light Divine
burning within, even lowly.

Only on such a connection to That
from which we were cut off,
do we become members of the Children of Light, of
great radiance, who glow in this nefarious Night.

And bypassing all the soporific and very destructive
mechanisms of this plane, which want to bury us
deep in Darkness and Ignorance, we seek the
glorious future away from the rotting body
and its existential tragedy.

Supra-human consciousness, that is how
we, of Light, ourselves should see,
those of us, of Truth, who reject
all Evil, and its Iniquity!
We are not these vile, corrupt bodies
and their spurious, ignorant minds,

both driven by pain of loss, by greed,
by insatiable loins which lustfully
seek to multiply numbers to be forever

trapped in Darkness’ travesty.

We are of immortal stuff, of Higher,
purer minds, beyond this depravity
and its senseless misery.
We are more, those of us who sustain
within us the Spark of Love,
and of Godly Justice, of Luminosity.
There are, in the midst of humanity,
those of Darkness and of no real worth,
who, having been created that way, tragically
have seen fit to reject
offers to join the band of Light, of Ones
who shall survive this malignancy.

They truly are useless, temporary shells
which are used to collect, by pilfery,
for the Evil Mind, Divine energy,
stolen from the Children of Light
who have been trapped nefariously.

They are the ones who soon
shall in existence no longer be.
Hence, two quite distinct ontological
beings in humanity we see:
Ones of Everlasting Light and
doomed ones of the Iniquity.
Thus answered is the age-old
conundrum of “Who are we?”