Who Are You?

“Who are you to have such information?  Where does the information come from?”  My advice to you is this: the answers to these questions are not as important as the answers to the other questions you should ask yourself: “Who am I? What relevance is this information to me?”

Regarding the first two questions, I could give any number of facts relating to who I think I am and what the Source of this information is. But on this level, at this time, I would be in no position whatsoever to prove anything I say. At the same time, no one is in any position to disprove what I say. So really the answers I could give are irrelevant.

But the questions you need to ask yourself and the answers you can supply are not only relevant, they are of paramount importance, for on them depends your eternal fate. This fate can in no way depend on the answers to the question of who I am, and where I get my information.

Your answer to your own interrogation is going to be that you are either Good or Evil. My identity has no bearing on that. This information is relevant to you or it is not. Again that has no bearing on from whence I got it.  So you see, your fate is in your hands and no one else’s.

This information is relevant to you if it mirrors the knowledge within you. If it does, discussion of the Source from which I obtained the facts to awaken you to your Inner Truth is irrelevant.

If it does not mirror your Inner Truth then it does not matter who I am or where my information came from, does it? In this case you would pursue the path according to your own volition.

If the information I write does resonate with your internal truths, then you will follow that knowledge within you to prepare for the future, for you will believe in yourself. Then you can identify the Source of the knowledge, your Truth, as the God Consciousness within you. And that, after all, is the only Truth you should acknowledge and follow, for did not Jesus Christ Himself say the Kingdom of Heaven is within you?

Once a being is awakened by the Light within, s/he has no need for external agents, no need to ask my identity. The being knows that on some level it knows all and is not threatened by my identity, my knowledge or my message.

But evil beings are threatened, even though they ask repeatedly who I might be. But being evil, no matter what answer is given, they are not going to believe any answer given. So why give them any answer? I don’t.