Who Is Who?

Many people query the ontological identity of themselves and others. Do not rely on the judgement of others. Learn to discern things for yourself. You know that if people deny the very existence of evil, or this war of essences that they are most probably evil. Alternatively, they may be True Beings who are so unaware and so programmed, polluted and indoctrinated that functionally they are no different from ontologically evil ones. Remember also that although only 70% are of an evil essence, most of the remaining 30% who were created of the Divine essence have become evil through their own volition and will also be transmuted. Hence, a very small percentage will continue into the New Dimension.

No matter who personalities, leaders, religions, sects, claim they are, you can tell who they really are from what they believe and teach.  They are evil, if they preach the oneness of humanity and the goodness of the “god” of this system they are evil, if they profess to heal the planet, if they deny Judgement and Transmutation, if they deny the Clearing Process, if they profess a millennium on earth of peace and prosperity. If they identify the Promised One as this or that as many do (for example, Baha `U’ llah) they are evil, for indeed the Promised One is not one person but an essence. If they do not identify the demiurge, they are evil and if they claim they work for a peaceful, global society even in these last few moments of the planet, they are very deluded fools or evil ones.

Do not be fooled. All religions, sects, creeds, gurus, etc. have some aspects of the truth with which they beguile unsuspecting individuals. Beware and be warned. The Baha’i philosophy is evil. Yogananda is evil. Satchidananda is evil. Muktananda is evil. Bhaktivedanta is evil. And they have trapped many unsuspecting True Beings in the organizations which have sprung up around them. Ask yourself of any person, be he (or she) guru, priest, politician, philosopher or stirrer: Does he recognise the evil demiurge? Does he know of the Clearing Process? Is he aware of the Descent of the Supramental Consciousness? Does he admit the War of Essences? If he does not, he is either a totally unaware True Being or an evil being. I repeat: Unaware True Beings can be programmed to be just as destructive as the most malicious of evil beings, hence, have your wits about you.

The most likely trap for you will be the subtle one of the smiling, apparently well-meaning beings who approach you saying that they believe in all these things such as Reincarnation, Karma, New Age, inadequacy of established religions, etc., etc., and now want to join up all the groups and all humanity in order to heal this wonderful but sick planet which is our “mother”. Beware of such utter rot. Such people are surreptitious demons trying to steal your energy and sidetrack you. Know that it is far too late to save the planet. Know it has been condemned. Know there are 2 types of humans: Those of the Divine essence and those of an evil essence. Do not be fooled. Avoid such rotters like the plague. Of course some people will want to be involved with them even after repeated warnings because it suits them.