Why Should You Listen?

Some have said, “Why should we listen to you when nearly everyone else and most recorded writings say the opposite? We would prefer to believe the Bible, or Mohammed, or Edgar Cayce, or Ramtha ,or A Course in Miracles, or Sai Baba, etc.”

 Allow me to place all this into perspective. To make any sense of what is going on, remember, at all times, that we are in the midst of a War with fierce fighting between the factions of the two essences, Good and Evil.
 First of all, I would never try to convince the evil masses of anything, least of all this Truth which they hate to hear and which automatically incites them to ANGER because they know it blows their cover.
Many True Beings even, because of evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, do NOT want to hear this information, but a few do.
 Unfortunately, one has to go through thousands of evil beings sometimes to reach just one True Being. Often I have lectured to 100 people in a room and knew I was really only addressing 1 or 2 True Beings. The others were counterfeit beings and demons attending out of curiosity or to attack, on both the energy level and the physical level.
 One cannot have the privilege in this evil environment of reaching only those who want to hear. Many others need to be contacted, some to be exposed, some to be given the final choice. And often, as many True Beings have come to realize, beneficial effects for the True Beings can come in many ways, not because the evil ones would want that, but because there is no other direct way.
 Sometimes evil beings appear to lead a True Being to some awakening opportunity without intending this.  All means to awaken are used. When this occurs, the True Being should not be trapped into thinking the evil being has his or her spiritual interest at heart to awaken him or her.
If the situation is carefully examined, one finds ALWAYS that evil beings do things out of selfishness. It suits them for they have something to gain. Some True Beings cannot see the evilness immediately however, and will excuse away many bouts of exploitation by an evil partner just because that partner may have, for example, asked them to read a book which begins them on their journey of spiritual enlightenment, or they may have taken them to a meditation session which does the same thing, or to a lecture, workshop and so on.
From experience, and many will verify this, it is accurate to say that the type of reception these words, my information, trigger is an unmistakable pointer to the ontological nature of the recipient.
The majority of people have various mechanisms of reception for these facts. They range from gross disbelief, to ridicule, annoyance, anger, apparent disinterest, etc. These are mechanisms of the evil ones. Emotions and body language tell who they truly are, inspite of their overt response, however.
I, as well as many others, see the changes in the aura of non-Viables which spell out anger, then a sense of guilt and finally doom as they receive these facts.
 Eventually all will see these things. Their response is not to me, the Cardboard Box, not to the others, not to their thoughts, but to the energy of the information.
 Only a minority are elated by this information. Their happiness is unmistakeable. These are the relatively purified and awakened True Beings who recognize the significance of the information and are able to perceive the value of it and its energy immediately!
Other True Beings are confused at first because of all the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which affects them, but once they awaken, they have various degrees of joy, even if they do not admit it to others openly. I know this is true, from the many communications I have received personally.
 The rejection by the evil ones, who know it is true, extends to those in the media and the churches. They have hoped that this information and I will go away. As events which I described occur more clearly, more unmistakeably, world-wide, with a vehement urgency for all to see, the media and ecclesiastics will be forced, even by their followers, to try and explain away this information. And they will be unable to do so. Their identity, guilt and deception will be exposed. Let no one think otherwise. The evil beings are terrified witless by this information. But that is their problem, not the messenger’s.
 I have mentioned in this book and in others that distortion and gross evil editing of scriptures and information of the past, has occurred. This should alert all True Beings to the fact that the information presented in ancient texts is not accurate and is, in fact, polluted.
Historically, as well as conceptually, the errors make information from the past untenable. I am not the first to say this. Many of the works which talk about liberation of this plane are equally distorted. Gnostic writings even, have been distorted and mistreated. The manuscripts in the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls are distortions of distortions. Many with the Truth, such as the the Bogomils, the Cathars, the Manichees, etc. were pushed more and more underground as their members were slaughtered.
 Their pristine knowledge was lost. The Revelation of St. John the Divine has been written and rewritten by evil beings that could not, or would not, understand what was originally written. And in this century, it has been erroneously deciphered and misconstrued by evil ones.
The utterings of people like St. Malachy, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, whose consciousness is again in the physical, have all been distorted. All three spoke of this period of Rectification of the Error. All three have been turned into some type of entertainment.
Edgar Cayce did not have the full story about the liberation, and although he gave accurate life readings to many, his prophecies about the future world and his own return have been changed to fit into the present plan. His prophecies were accurate when they were given, but they have been changed. He did not know the Final Plan until it was revealed to him in this lifetime. He is again in the physical for the last time.
Ramtha, A Course in Miracles, Seth, Lazaris, Eckankar, etc., are manifestations of an evil being called IK-LUK. Fundamentally, their information, channelled through various sources, is the opposite to the information which I have given.
They claim “There is no evil, that all are God, that there is really no personal judgement by a Judge, that there is no transmutation, all are the same; that we all will live forever regardless of what we do.” This is all utter nonsense. I have discussed this more fully in “Making Sense of the Madness, Volume Three: Death of an Evil God”.